Match Recap - 1st XV Season 2021/22 (Part 1)

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Match 1 - AWAY vs Chew Valley

25th September 2021

Result: 29 - 12 | LOSS ❌

It was sad to start the season with a loss away from home, but we put in a good showing with lots of new Sulians pitching in. Overall we were confident with a few more weeks of training we would have had a great chance of taking this win home.

Match 2 - HOME vs Keynsham II

2nd October 2021

Result: 6 - 14 | LOSS ❌

This was a tough result to take up at home, some flashes of good play from time to time but we never managed to string them together and break through the Keynsham defence.

Match 3 - AWAY vs Midsomer Norton II

9th October 2021

Result: 5 - 46 | WIN ✅

Our training finally paid off with our first win of the 21/22 season, the Sus managing to execute our set pieces resulting in some great flowing end to end rugby.

Match 4 - HOME vs Morganians

23rd October 2021

Result: 94 - 0 | WIN ✅

A big win today made possible by slick handling, bags of pace and unselfish play - this was a great game for the home crowd to watch.

Match 5 - AWAY vs Nailsea & Backwell II

30th October 2021

Result: 0 - 50 | WIN ✅

We continued our run of wins with this great game away at Nailsea & Backwell II. The scoreline looks much more one-sided than the game felt, much of the game being hard fought in a particularly muddy corner of the pitch.

Match 6 - HOME vs North Petherton II

6th November 2021

Result: 44 - 13 | WIN ✅

This was a fantastic shift put in by the boys vs the top of the table. Both sides brought their best and we came out with the win.

Match 7 - AWAY vs Old Redcliffians II

20th November 2021

Result: 33 - 19 | LOSS ❌

This was a tough game for us, away from home versus the top of the league. Still, the scoreline doesn't always tell the full story. We were 14 down in the first quarter, came close to levelling and there were many great moments, positives to take away and lessons to learn. We battled brilliantly against a top side and maybe on another day would have won!

Match 8 - AWAY vs Wellington II

27th November 2021

Result: 5 - 37 | WIN ✅

Good result for the travelling Sus yesterday with a great win vs Wellington II! It was a tough match and a hard earned victory - we took on a few injuries, but there was nothing that a quick trip to A&E and a bit of "beer therapy" couldn't help with.

Following this game we

Match 9 - HOME vs Taunton II

4th December 2021

Result: cancelled due to team withdrawing from league

Match 10 - AWAY vs Bridgwater & Albion II

11th December 2021

Result: 7 - 15 | WIN ✅

This was a great performance from the Sus, we're especially proud of our newer members of the team making a big impact. Unfortunately the game was called early in the 61st minute due to a serious injury on the host's side. We wish the player well and hope they make a full recovery.

Match 11 - HOME vs Cheddar Valley II

18th December 2021

Result: postponed until the new year due to covid :(