We did it! Thanks to our supporters

A massive and heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed to the Sulians during our fundraiser over the past 6 weeks.

As many know at the outset we thought it was going to be a stretch to reach our original target of £3,000, but thanks to the generosity of all our donors, we have now closed with the total standing at £8,250 - including a contribution of £3,250 from Sport England

It goes without saying that the club is hugely grateful for the generosity people have shown in what is a tough time for many. It has also been heart warming to read the messages and to see so many friends of the club, who have now moved away, pop up when we needed support. It goes to show what the place means to people and the positive influence it has had on so may lives.

While our focus has to be attracting and retaining players, we will be sending out a questionnaire soon to gauge what the priorities are for members of the club. We will make sure that updates on what decisions are made are posted on Facebook and through Plumb's newsletters for those not online.

Many thanks again

Best regards