Return to rugby

We're following the guidance from England Rugby about playing during the pandemic. Read their full advice here

During the national lockdown starting January 6th 2021, all training and fixtures are cancelled. We are currently at Stage A on the return to rugby roadmap (see below). This means that all training activity should be done individually or with at most one other person.

Before Christmas we were at Stage E on the roadmap. Following the end of the lockdown we may return to this stage so the information about new rules for that stage is preserved here:

Clubs will be able to begin adapted training from Wednesday 2 December, in preparation for local friendly fixtures recommencing from Friday 18 December, when the new law variations will come into effect A video explanation on the new laws can be found here.

Clubs in all tiers can now advance to Stage E on the Return to Community Rugby Roadmap. There is no obligation for players and clubs to play 15-a-side adaptations. Clubs will still be able to play Ready4Rugby matches.


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